Perhaps my reactions to Lars Spuybroek’s view on so called modern, abstract art, sound too light-hearted or ironical. I hate to be aggressive, and even when I disagree profoundly with somebody, I try to express that gently. But in this case there may be not the slightest doubt of my revulsion. I can hardly believe that a highly educated man from my homeland, who is younger and more successful than I, and looking neat enough, does not recoil from accusing innocent artists, who deserve appreciation and respect, of cruelty and perversion.
My indignation is the stronger because Spuybroek is operating on a global level, has nothing to gain with the downfall of his victims, and contributes not only to their discredit but to the intolerance and bigotery of his public as well. And his view on modernism is untrue and dishonest in the first place.

Spuybroek is a university professor in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Atlanta doesn't stand out as the summit of art, culture and science, but mainly as the largest hub of air-traffic in America, and it is a meeting point of cattle-tycoons like Tom Wolfe’s Man in Full. I suppose Spuybroek sees more right-wing republicans and fans of the tea-party there than liberal democrats. So his audience is likely to throw his targets on the garbage-heap of communists, abortionists, atheists, Darwinists and what have they more in the USA to be afraid of, rather than welcoming them as the peaceful and unselfish individuals they are in reality. I wouldn't be surprised when his admirers called non-figurative art "degenerate", and there’s a good chance that the ornamental art that Spuybroek promotes, will decorate the homes of the narrowminded in the first place. 
As long as he goes on writing and lecturing this way, he is poisoning the field he pretends to fertilize.