A second look.

Art personalizes the general. That’s the opposite of abstraction, I concluded in my blog of  November 2011. And I still maintain the accuracy of this statement. But  I also maintain what I said in the concept-page of this website: that there is no certainty but uncertainty, nothing is what it seems to be, and everything is one, two, three.
Therefore I think it’s time to turn to the reversal, which is equally true: Art generalizes the personal. It raises the volatility of an anecdote to the validity of a parable. Doesn’t that mean that art still is abstraction after all?
No, I don’t think so. Abstraction is only possible by depriving the subject of sentimental, emotional and individual features, in order to reduce it to a general, impersonal meaning. Whereas art is only possible when it enables anybody to identify personally with it, by kindling feeling and recognition. That’s still the opposite of abstraction. Abstract art still doesn’t exist and never will.