1959                    graduation Gymnasium alpha
1969                    graduation master of linguistics and literature
1965-1970           teacher at several high schools
1970-1978           CEO at the national Association of Academies for Visual Arts 
1974                    Staffmember at Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam
1978-1979           CEO at the National Office for professional Art Education
1979-1981           sabbatical leave in Spain and USA
1981-1989           Administrator at the Ministery  of Education and Science, The Hague
1989-1991           CEO at the Netherlands Institute for Art and Management
1992-1996           Crown member at the National Council for the Arts, The Hague
1993-2006           Owner of JV83 Publicity and Presentation
1993-2004           training and study as a craftsman and sculptor
2006-                   working member of Artists Centre Bergen (KCB)
2007-                   artist member of Society Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam
2008-                   working member of Dutch Society of Sculptors (NKvB)