Mind you, I’m not holding a grudge against Lars Spuybroek.  I’d rather be proud of a compatriot who is operating successfully on a global level and whose design for the new Twin Towers I remember in a positive way for its daring abstract style. I didn’t even know him by name though and only became aware of him through his interview in my morning paper less than a month ago. I don’t have any intention to annoy him and I took his youngest book “The sympathy of things” completely serious. But.

I also take myself serious as a sculptor, as well as many colleagues who time and time again deliver examples of abstract contemporary art that in my eyes count as splendid specimens of living and lasting beauty.
The way in which Spuybroek qualifies every form of abstract modernism not only as empty and senseless but as essentially evil, could only be considered as a joke, if it wasn’t a menace to their integrity and their entire existence in the first place. His rejection is so general and without nuance or exception, that it fails to convince anybody who is open to serious reasoning. It only raises questions about his intentions. Whatever his game may be, I'm sure it involves ambitions to power.